Centridium is a media investment and strategy company focused on building and monetizing audiences in targeted verticals through original video programming. Founded in 2009 by online video innovators and financing professionals, Centridium actively develops leading innovative and media companies such as:

  • Canvas Media Studios - original content studio
  • Custom - a creative content agency
  • Digiday Media - a next-generation vertical media company
  • Digiday - a leading modern media publication and events company, a daily must-read among influencers obsessed with the bleeding edge of media and marketing
  • Glossy - a media brand exploring the intersection of fashion and luxury through the lens of digital and tech
  • Global Online Video Association (GOVA) - industry trade association for digital media companies
  • Small Screen Network - Premium digital content creator, strategist and publisher 
  • SumAll - clarity for all your digital data
  • Tasting Table - a digital media brand for culinary enthusiasts
  • Tom Concordia - Fashion and entertainment photography and videography
  • Tradestreaming - a leading modern media publication, a daily must-read among influencers obsessed with the disruption of traditional finance by fintech
  • Tubular Labs - cross platform vieo analytics and intelligence